malt extract home brew kit kent
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Mini Malt Extract Kits


malt extract home brew kit kent
Malt Extract Recipe Design

Tonight we are busy adding the final touches to our “Mini Malt Extract Kit” instructions.

“Malt Extract Brewing” is a more involved brewing method than standard kits (also available) where you follow a recipe adding malt and hop additions to boiling liquor.

Our “Mini Malt Extract Kits” include everything you need to make around 16 bottles of great beer. All you will need is a big stock pot, and 16 empty beer bottles.

This kit includes a 15L Fermenter, Air Lock, Beer Paddle, Thermometer, Steriliser, Muslin Bags, Siphon, Crown Caps and Crown Capper, and all the ingredients to make your first batch.

Two Recipe Packs available a Goldings Single Hop, and an Amarillo Single Hop.

Pretty sure you will have enough hops after your first brew for your second batch as well!

Available from the Home Brew Hut in Deal from Friday, or drop me a line and we can arrange home delivery.