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The Home Brew Hut in Deal Opens!

home brew hut store kent deal
Zenia of “The Place” welcomes The Home Brew Hut


A big thanks to Steve and Zenia for welcoming Deal Home Brew to “The Place to…” in Deal, Kent and allowing us to take up residence in one of their Beach Huts!

Steve and Zenia rent out their “Beach Huts” and wall space at “The Place” to local hobbyists, creatives, artists and photographers, to sell their work, and collections. Huts are available for rent on a monthly basis, and are a great way to test the market, and sell for your arts and crafts.

We have been invited to share our love of home brew at “The Place”, and through “The Home Brew Hut” we aim to encourage beginners to have a go at home brewing beer and wine. Not only are we offering complete beginners kits with everything included, but also many of the ess

entials for the more experienced brewers.

We have been stocking up The Home Brew Hut all week, and have handed over a ceremonial bottle of Home Brewed Stout to Zenia, to celebrate our arrival. (We await her feedback on how it tastes!)

The Home Brew Hut opens Friday 14th October 9.30-4.30.