• Carbonation Drops – Putting the fizz in your beer! 5th August 2017
    The level of carbonation / fizz for beer is dependent on the beer style and personal preference.
    Many sugars are suitable for adding to the bottle before capping including standard granulated sugar, brewing sugar, or dry spray malt. As a simple alternative these carbonation drops make getting the measurements easy. For a standard “500ml” bottle we suggest adding one drop for a light carbonation, or 2 for a bit more fizz!
    Home Brew Carbonation Drops
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  • Home Brewing Starter Kits 17th March 2017

    Homebrew Kits are the starting point for the majority of home brewers, and this is always my recommended starting point for someone who wants to get into brewing their own beer (and even wine).

    Modern Homebrew starter kits are great and come with pretty much everything you will need to brew some rather good beer in the comfort of your own home. Beer kits do not take too much time to get started, generally allow the homebrewer to make a good beer at a great price.

    The big benefit of a Home Brew Starter kit is once you have finished your first beer you are left with all the equipment that you will need to make a second beer that you can choose from the massive range available from all home brew stores!

    We offer a range of great Home Brew Kit Starter Kits that include everything you need to get going!  In this post we will show you each kit, along with any pros and cons.

    Youngs MicroBrewery

    The Young’s Micro Brewery is the starter kit of choice by many home brewers, and the quality is the highest of all the starter kits that we offer.  These complete systems include everything you need to start making your own beer, and most importantly a keg to serve your beer from (which is not included in any of the other kits that we offer.)

    The Young’s Micro Brewery is available with a choice of beers that really are some of the best that kit brewing have to offer.

    The Young’s Micro Brewery is generally priced between £55 and £70 depending on the beer choice you select.

    Home Brew Starter Kits

    Young’s Brew Buddy Starter Kit

    The Young’s Brew Buddy Starter Kits are budget starter kits, but don’t be fooled these kits will make you 40 pints of very drinkable beer.  These home brew starter kits come with all the equipment and ingredients you need to get going although you will need to add sugar (home granulated will be fine!).

    The significant item missing in this kit that really differentiates it from the Micro Brewery is a serving solution.  You will need to purchase either a keg or some bottles (you will need around 40 500ml bottles!) to serve your beer from.  We would suggest a couple of boxes of PET screw cap bottles as a good starting point.

    The Young’s Brew Buddy Starter Kit is available with a choice of 3 drinks!

    The Brew Buddy Kits are usually priced between £25 and £35.

    brew buddy homebrew starter kits

    Bulldog Brewery Micro Brewery Home Brew Starter Kit

    The Bulldog Brewery is a complete home brew starter kit from the Hambleton Bard team, and we would consider it to be a budget kit in comparison to the Young’s Micro Brewery.

    Once again this starter kit contains everything you need to make 23 Litres of great beer including, fermenters, siphons, steriliser, thermometers and the beer kit itself.  As with the Brew Buddy Kits though you will require sugar and a serving vessel in the form of a keg or bottles!

    We offer the Bulldog Kits in a choice of 3 beers!

    The Bulldog Micro Brewery Home Brew Starter Kits are usually priced between £25 and £35.

    23301 Bulldog Brewery Lager Home Brew Micro Brewery Lager
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  • Is the cold weather affecting your fermentation? 15th December 2016

    Is the cold weather affecting your home brew fermentation?

    The optimum temperature for fermenting ale is between 20 and 22 degrees centigrade, but this can be difficult to achieve this during the winter months, depending on where you choose to ferment your home brew.

    The brew belt or heat pads available at the Home Brew Hut in our Deal Shop, or online on the link below are the perfect solution to maintain the required temperature and allow a good efficient fermentation.

    Brew Belts in particular are popular for 5 gallon fermenting buckets and can be adjusted up and down the fermenter to achieve the desired temperature.

    Brew Belt (Universal Usage)


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  • 3rd December – Our First Home Brew Day 5th December 2016

    A huge thank you to everyone who came by on Saturday to our first Home Brew Day in #Dealtown.

    It was a great success and i would like to thank everyone that made the effort to come along to meet us, and see what we were up to. We met people from across the whole of Kent, and of all home brewing abilities from beginners through to advance brewers.

    We found it great to hear from local home brewers about what they wanted to see stocked in the home brew hut to meet their needs in the future, which we will definitely be taking on board and also comparing tasting notes on the home brew beers we had on offer.

    Big thanks to Tim and Ollie who helped keep the brew going whilst i was chatting away (as usual), and for serving up the tasters and mince pies. Also thanks to Steve, Zenia and the other Hut tenants from The Place for letting us take over for the day, and making the place smell of hot wort!

    We managed to get the cooled wort home, and its now fermenting under the stairs, so i guess it will only be another couple of months or so, and we shall need to brew again!

    Keep your eyes out in the future for another home brew event.

    For local brewers – let us know if there is anything you want to learn about or if you fancy a meet up in the pub, just to chat beer we are happy to provide a platform to set it up!

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  • Home Brew Day – Saturday 3rd December 23rd November 2016


    Deal Home Brew bring to you our Home Brew Day on Saturday 3rd December.  If you have ever wondered how beer is made, or ever thought you might like to try home brewing, we invite you to come along and chat with us over a mince pie.  We will be brewing a batch of homebrew between 11.30 and 4.00pm and will have mince pies for the kids, and some home brew tasters for the adults.  We love talking about brewing and beer so come and join us.  See the mash and smell the wort!

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