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3rd December – Our First Home Brew Day

A huge thank you to everyone who came by on Saturday to our first Home Brew Day in #Dealtown.

It was a great success and i would like to thank everyone that made the effort to come along to meet us, and see what we were up to. We met people from across the whole of Kent, and of all home brewing abilities from beginners through to advance brewers.

We found it great to hear from local home brewers about what they wanted to see stocked in the home brew hut to meet their needs in the future, which we will definitely be taking on board and also comparing tasting notes on the home brew beers we had on offer.

Big thanks to Tim and Ollie who helped keep the brew going whilst i was chatting away (as usual), and for serving up the tasters and mince pies. Also thanks to Steve, Zenia and the other Hut tenants from The Place for letting us take over for the day, and making the place smell of hot wort!

We managed to get the cooled wort home, and its now fermenting under the stairs, so i guess it will only be another couple of months or so, and we shall need to brew again!

Keep your eyes out in the future for another home brew event.

For local brewers – let us know if there is anything you want to learn about or if you fancy a meet up in the pub, just to chat beer we are happy to provide a platform to set it up!